Marketing Issues Checklist

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Issues that you might
be facing include...
Extreme UrgencyModerate UrgencyPotential UrgencyNot Urgent
1 Margin Erosion
2 Market Share Erosion
3 Obtaining Price Increases
4 Protecting Our Core Business
5 Differentiating Our Service Package/Offering
6 Building Customer Awareness
7 Building Customer Loyalty
8 Diversifying Beyond Our Core Business
9 Leveraging the Power of Our Brand
10 Entering New Market Segments
11 New Product Introductions to Marketplace
12 Charging for Ancillary Services
13 Developing New Products
14 Reaching Prospects with Trade Advertising
15 Developing New Marketing Channels
16 Maximizing Sales Through Existing Channels
17 Simplifying Our Complicated Product Line
18 Developing New Accounts in Existing Segments
19 Increasing Penetration of Existing Accounts
20 Cross-Selling Our Product Lines
21 Understanding Competitive Strategy
22 Developing a Prospect/Lead Qualification Process
23 Creating Competitive Advantage
24 Understanding Customer Requirements
25 Satisfying Customer Requirements
26 Motivating a Sales Force
27 Distributor Channel Management
28 Empowering Website as Lead Generation Tool